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Brain and Neuroscience
Software and Data Orientation and
    Voxel-Order Terminology
RAS, LAS, LPI, RPI, XYZ and All That
  FreeSurfer Articles Understanding Freesurfer
File Formats and more
  Mayo/SPM "Analyze"
    MRI Format
Notes on "Analyze" Data Format (and its devilish ambiguities)
  AFNI Articles  
Available Software Tools GWAnalyzeHeader Simple tool to display contents of Analyze .hdr files.
  GW Raw MRI View Viewer for MRI files especially suited to ascertaining data type, order and dimensions of data in MRI data file.
Handy Links   Brain-Research
     Software Notes
Tools and Articles for Working with Microsoft Products
Visio Visio 2003 Developer's Survival Pack.  Book  and tools for software developers using Visio as a part of a solution application.

See http://diagramantics.com

Access -- Text2Access [soon] Utility for importing various arrangements of data from text files into Access tables.
Particularly useful for mating quick-and-dirty data-capture programs to a database.
  -- Microsoft Access Security Article explaining how Access's users, groups and permissions management works.
  -- PermExpl Access Permissions Explorer. Program to browse Users and Groups, and the Permissions they have on the objects in an Access database
  -- Miscellaneous MS Access ...articles and code
  -- Charting? See XLChartMatic below
Excel -- HTMLTagClean Wanting to paste Excel cells into Frontpage? See HTMLTagClean below
  -- XLChartMatic Tool for streamlining the composition of Excel Charts with lots of points and series, particularly Scatter, Line and Bubble charts, and particularly from database data.   Also provides features to help in using images for custom markers, and in bypassing Chart's limit of 255 series.
Frontpage/ HTML -- HTMLTagClean Wanting to paste from Office applications into Frontpage?
Utility to "clean up" sections of HTML code.   Originally aimed at reducing to minimal the formatting-intensive HTML code typically produced by Excel and Word, so that it can be reformatted in Frontpage.
Miscellaneous Program Related Activity
MySQL -- MySQL privileges explored I found the MySQL manual coverage on permissions is quite extensive, but wanted to see it in more consolidated fashion...
FrameMaker FrameMaker MIFBrowse An ancient tool I wrote for browsing FrameMaker mif files.
Organizations, Systems and I.T.
  -- Intelligence and Change
    in Enterprises
...and related topics: Projects and Project Management;   Conceptual Modeling.
  -- Collection of  Models  
Software Development Topics
Data Acquisition -- Real Time; LabView Notes An investigation into "Real-time" data acquisition on NT/W2K etc, including a look at national Instruments' LabView data acquisition.
Delphi -- Delphi  Articles and code When software things need building... it's time for my favorite software development environment. Some not-very-new pages and notes.
Contact and Personal
  -- Contact  
  -- Personal Pages
-- Professional Pages

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