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Professional Activities and Escapades
Article created: 98-07-07

To make some sense out of this, I have divided my activities and escapades into several broad categories, in somewhat chronological order. (Personal info: [Go])

2003 Update: Much of this section of the site was written in 1998, and I've not gotten around to updating, except for a couple of 2003 notes inserted here and there.

eti_ccms.gif (11284 bytes)Technical and Not-So-Technical Communication

Writing and publishing on paper and electronically,  and generally attempting to share knowledge that I've distilled.  Magazines, articles, books, scientific papers, and a modeling shoot. [Go]

2000-2003: More recent book activity here:

swnhw_33.gif (16192 bytes)Software and Hardware System and Product Development

A collection of projects:

  • Lab and Industrial Instrumentation and Control [Go]
  • PC ISA Interfaces [Go]
  • Mail Order Software [Go]
  • Configurable Computing [Go]
  • Diagnositic Software and Hardware [Go]


brain_lat_01_30.gif (4389 bytes)Psychology Research Experiment Framework

Though computer-controlled experimentation in psychology seems a natural strategy, the economics of software development in that field are difficult.  I developed two generations of an experiment application framework to ease this problem and address a broad array of requests for such software. [Go]

2003 Update: Brain research interest again coming to life, as can be seen from home page.

sdsu_proc_tiny.gif (7017 bytes)Business and Systems Analysis and Information Systems

A variety of interest, economic and technical factors led me to shift focus to the business side of computing and the analysis side of business.  [Go]



ConcMod_02.gif (9018 bytes)Conceptual Modeling and Knowledge Science

All roads seem to lead to conceptual modeling and knowledge science.[Go] .

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