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Name, When Description

Yearbook, 1977

Editor of U of Toronto Faculty of Engineering Yearbook, 1977

Electronics Today International, 1977-79

eti7702_small.gif (5850 bytes)... Canada's electronics magazine. First as Assistant Editor, rising rapidly through the rank [sic] to Editor. Detour to the following links for some pix and anecdotes: 1977, 1978, 1979

NRC-Canada publication, 1982

National Research Council of Canada: "Development of Differential Temperature Controllers for Solar Heating Systems", (Primary author: Mark Cairenius.)

A Book, 1986

CompConMysteries.jpg (17547 bytes)"Computer Connection Mysteries Solved". HW Sams. The original concept-- comic-book cover and contents in the style of John Muir's Volkswagen Idiot book.  Getting Sams as the publisher was very lucky, and they toned it down a bit.  The Spanish edition was a nice surprise too (still can't understand it!)  With Michael Kern as artist.

Backpack Guide... 1988, 89

backpack_01.gif (7977 bytes)"Backpack Guide for Computing at SDSU".   At the biggest campus in the biggest university system in the world, students, faculty and staff were presented with every imaginable kind of computer, and left to fend more or less to themselves to make their computing experience coherent.  We tried to change that with a "how to survive on any system" guide.

Thankfully many of the particularly awful computer systems died off within a few years (anyone for Cyber or Prime?). With Diana Osborn, Dr Phil Gallo, and Joie Hall as artist.

Scientific publication, 1990, 91

"Streamlining Experiment Data Manipulation with Psychology Experiment Data Interchange Format (PXDIF)" presented at Society for Computers in Psychology (SCIP) Nov 90, New Orleans, and published in Behavior Research Methods, Instrumentation and Computing, May 1991.  How to package relational data with its meta-data, along with informal info in a text format that can be hand-edited as text, is easy to produce with experiment programs, yet can be manipulated with automated tools.

PC Week modeling shoot! 1994

Well, sort of.  Who'd have thought, a few emails explaining TCP and they send out a photog? [Go].

Scientific publications, 1985-98

As a result of involvement in the design and implementation of many experiments, I have ended up as n'th author on a number of scientific papers and have neglected to keep track very closely (particularly since I've usually been involved at the beginning, and the papers usually come out at the end.).  Here's a recent one: "Gender Differences in Incidental Learning and Visual Recognition Memory: Support for a Sex Difference in Environmental Awareness", McGivern et al. in Personality and Individual Differences upcoming.  (This is actually a cute experiment with a robust effect, if you are interested in that sort of thing!)

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