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Electronics Today International Magazine '77
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Working on a publication can be a lot of fun.  In 1977 the international electronics magazine ETI reached Canadian shores... actually all the way to the interior... Toronto to be precise. ETI was an international chain of electronics magazines, headquartered in Australia, where ETI-Oz was part of a major group of local magazines, including Rugby League Week (as I recall).  ETI had expanded to UK, and from their to various European editions and now to Canada.

ETI-Can was launched by irrepressible Halvor Moorshead, editor of the UK edition, which he continued to run, while managing our edition from afar.

I managed to clamber aboard in time for the 4th local issue, and joined a staff of five scrambling to move up a badly behind schedule.  There followed a hectic two and a half years of fun and excitement, with a unique vantage point working on "The" Canadian electronics magazine.

January issue? What January issue. eti7702.gif (31234 bytes)

Feb 77, The first issue.  This was shortly following the opening of Toronto's CN Tower. World's tallest something or other. Obvious Canadian content.

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Much of the content was actually imported from ETI-Australia (the HQ) or ETI-UK, and the language translated for the local market.  As a Canadian formerly from the UK, that became one of my tasks.

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I arrived in time to work on this one. Over the next 6 months a main task was to make up about 4 to 6 weeks of schedule. When your May issue appears at the end of the month the newsstands don't keep it around very long.

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The cover-boy was supposed to look in need of the GSR monitor for stress reduction.  I later met him in London, and he introduced me to some very nice beers which probably did equally as well.

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Nice hair Sharon!

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... in which we learned that red LED's light spectrum is virtually invisible to color film.

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Micro-biography... I get a regular column!  (Wait, that means regular extra work...) We started with the 8008 and the 8080, and over the months knocked off all the 8-bit micros.

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Steve Braidwood arrived somewhere around here and started to give us a more consistent look, at least on the inside.
My favorite article title: "Batteries: Are they really as boring as people say they are?" didn't make the cut.


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