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Article created: 98-06-01

It all started when I responded to a PCWeek announcement regarding an upcoming review of TCP/IP stacks. That led to an email exchange, and then phone calls with a PCWeek editor. It seems that TCP/IP stack vendors were being less than clear about what their products actually did... no surprise if you had ever tried to install one.  Well, I guess I must have explained something right, because next thing I knew they sent over a photographer!  Of course, we all know what happened to third-party TCP stacks almost exactly a year later.

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The August 15 1994 resume... circulation 500 million or so (?)

PCWk_GW_tear.gif (60692 bytes) modeling debut. Ah, if only these opportunities had come along when I was young and beautiful! (Wait... uh... never mind, that was someone else...)
Shot in one of our hot sweaty phone closets right next to the men's room! The fiber-optic conduit has virtually nothing to do with TCP stacks, but the contrast with the purple strobe is neat. I hope you're viewing this in 65K colors or better!

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