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Delphi Topics
Article created: 98-06-01

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FolderPlus.gif (384 bytes) Delphi Database Notes  ar_bl_03.gif (891 bytes)
Two products I use a great deal
Convenient and robust Delphi-to-Access mdbs using DAO Components from WinSoft
All-singing, all-dancing ExpressQuantumGrid -- fabulous functionality worth mastering
FolderPlus.gif (384 bytes) Delphi and MSAccess (95 and 97) Using BDE and "native" MSACCESS driver  ar_bl_03.gif (891 bytes)
FolderPlus.gif (384 bytes) Delphi Data Acquisition Topics
FolderPlus.gif (384 bytes) Delphi I/O Port Programming under NT and an I/O Port Map Manipulator driver (gwiopm.sys). ar_bl_03.gif (891 bytes)
FolderPlus.gif (384 bytes) Processes, Threads, Timing, LabVIEW and related topics  ar_bl_03.gif (891 bytes)
FolderPlus.gif (384 bytes) COM Programming Topics
FolderPlus.gif (384 bytes) OLE Drag and Drop  ar_bl_03.gif (891 bytes)
OLE Drag Diagnostics Program
OLE "Drop Explorer" Diagnostics Program
Note: 2000-03: Much of this area has been greatly advanced by Angus Johnson and Ander Melander. See Anders site (below). Also see their drag-and-drop components on D5 extras CD.
FolderPlus.gif (384 bytes) Understanding Delphi COM References Reference Counting, AddRef and Release, and a test application to demonstrate how it really works. ar_bl_03.gif (891 bytes)
FolderPlus.gif (384 bytes) Automation Interface Terminology Straightened Out: Interfaces, dispinterfaces, variants, IDispatch etc ar_bl_03.gif (891 bytes)
FolderPlus.gif (384 bytes) Constructors and Destructors: Virtual or not? ar_bl_03.gif (891 bytes)

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