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Intelligence and Change in Enterprises

The Pivotal Role Played by Projects
Article created: 99-03-12

Projects: The Vehicle Which Implements Enterprise Change

Following on from the diagrams of the basic enterprise operation, this model indicates the pivotal role of the project. It illustrates the idea that projects are the primary vehicle used to create change in an enterprise

Projects are used to create changes in enterprises. projdelta01.gif (4765 bytes)

We might say, then, that enterprises are built by projects. Projects, of course, may be formally recognized as such, or may be conducted informally (if less satisfactorily). Some projects may use the part-time efforts of existing enterprise staff, or may be completely externalized using a contracting organization.

Corollary: Enterprises are built by projects.

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We might summarize this view of how an enterprise gets to its current state using the "formula" below.  This additionally notes that enterprises also change via incremental growth and decay (and sometimes catastrophic decay, and even plain good luck).  

Current Enterprise = Sum(All Prior Projects) + Other Factors(Incremental growth, incremental decay, luck, accident).

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