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Intelligence and Change in Enterprises

Projects and Project Management
Article created: 99-03-12


Projects: Implementing Enterprise Change
ProjectModels.gif (1197 bytes) Projects being key to enterprise change, this is an attempt to collect some of the key features of projects in relation to enterprises.
  1. The Role Played by Projects: Projects build enterprises.
  2. The Project Proposition: Why the Project form is attractive.
  3. Project Model Complexity Revealed:  The Project Proposition is not so simple after all.
  4. Current Issues Shared by Enterprises and Project Organizations:  Areas where Enterprises and Projects currently have trouble with each other present fertile opportunities to succeed.
  5. References: A few Project Management resources. 
Other Project-Related Work
bookhyper.gif (999 bytes) Project Management Comparative Glossary.     Effort to document the variations in usage of common Project Management terms  that have resulted from PM's diverse roots, and regularly cause misunderstandings. Extensively hyperlinked.  Currently located at PMForum -- follow "Library" link. (Hard work on content: R. Max Wideman; Software: G. Wideman)

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