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Intelligence and Change in Enterprises

Knowledge Management: The Key to Enterprise Change
Article created: 99-03-12

Concept Map of Topic Area

icon_stateofworld.gif (3175 bytes)Why Study Enterprises and Their Use of Knowledge?. 
"Enterprises are upstream from everything." 

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Understanding Enterprise Operation

Basic Enterprise Model
How Enterprises Change
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Enterprise Learning and Planning
BulletBlackSq8x8.gif (60 bytes) Comprehending:
HFill_008.gif (50 bytes)BulletBlackSq8x8.gif (60 bytes) Internal state
HFill_008.gif (50 bytes)BulletBlackSq8x8.gif (60 bytes) External environment
BulletBlackSq8x8.gif (60 bytes) Planning change
Implementation: via Projects
BulletBlackSq8x8.gif (60 bytes) Enterprises implement change via Projects
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Enterprise Change Consciousness

Features which enable an enterprise to perform the learning and planning needed to change intelligently.

Project Topics

The Role Played by Projects
The Project Proposition
Project Complexity Revealed
Issues Shared by Enterprises and Project Organizations
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Pivotal Roles for Knowledge Management and Concept Modeling
Enterprises must master collective learning and thinking, which requires the tools and techniques to build and share models collectively. 

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