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GW Visio Object Explorer
Article created: 98-12-01

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Whether you are just learning to program Visio via OLE Automation (AKA "COM Automation") using VBA, Delphi or C++, or you are experienced and need a quick way to inspect the behavior or set the values of Visio object properties , you can learn a lot and save countless hours of testing using a tool that lets you browse the Visio object model.

Features include:

Obtaining and Installing

If you didn't already, then download the zip file from this page (above). Then...

  1. Create a directory on your HD where you'd like the application to reside.
  2. Stick the zip file in your new directory.
  3. Unzip.
  4. There is no special installation.  You can launch the VisExp.exe application by double clicking on it in Windows Explorer, or you can create an item on the Start menu by the usual method of dragging a shortcut to the Start Menu\Programs folder in Explorer.

Other Alternatives

If you liked this tool, and want even more features, such as:

... check out Visimation's "Xpose for Visio".


Copyright Graham Wideman, 1998, 99.

Please feel free to distribute for any individual personal, professional or non-profit purposes, provided these instruction pages (or reasonable facsimile) and credit remain attached.  Distribution as part of a for-profit offering is still free, provided you let me know about it beforehand. Needless to say, at these prices there's no official support, but I will gladly receive bug reports.

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