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Visio Developer's Survival Packs

Available from Graham Wideman/Diagramantics

Whether you are a seasoned Microsoft Visio solution developer using Automation via VBA or other languages, or you're just intrigued by the ShapeSheet environment, this book could make your life easier. Much easier!

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Previous Editions:

Articles, Tools, Demos Etc On This Site

I have now retired a number of articles and the buglist previously published in this area of the site. Several were just getting too old and out-of-sync with the current Visio product, and in many cases I have learned more and refined the information -- (resulting in Visio 2000 Developer's Survival Guide, of course!).

The few items that I don't have the heart to put out to pasture just yet are listed below, and other info is available at

Programming Tools and Docs
FolderPlus_Blue.gif (384 bytes) VisExpTease.gif (2563 bytes)GWVisExp Visio Object Explorer Tool, uses OLE Automation to provide you with a live view of the objects and properties inside Visio as you edit documents of interest.  Free to download.  This also works very helpfully with Visio 2000, but does not show Visio 2000's numerous new properties and cells.
FolderPlus_Blue.gif (384 bytes) delphi.gif (3262 bytes)  Controlling Visio from Delphi including Event Handling. Most of "Developing Visio Solutions" translated.  But see also the Visio VSL framework at

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