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Visio + Delphi

GWVisio_Demo: Installation and Operation
Article created: 99-02-01


Requirements:  Visio 4.5 or 5.x.  If you want to play with the code, then you will need Delphi 4  (Principles are similar for D3, but the code uses some open arrays, which D3 doesn't know about).

There's nothing much to installation. Simply copy the zip file to an empty directory and unzip.


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The above image shows most of what there is to know about operating the demo.   Note that some of the buttons can result in Exceptions (for example attempting to Register for events if this app is not connected to Visio).  This intentionally reflects the results of these improperly attempted operations..

Compiling the Demo

Everything you need to compile the demo should be included, except for the Visio_TLB.pas file. You can easily generate this from within the Delphi IDE.  On a machine that has Visio and Delphi 3.x or 4.x installed, follow these steps.

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