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Visio + Delphi

Code Structure: Other Features
Article created: 99-02-02

Miscellaneous Extra Features

Visio_Controller has accumulate a few extra features as I've needed them. Briefly:

DockedStencils: Perhaps surprisingly, if several stencils are docked in a particular window, only one is "open" (in the Documents list) at a time. Visio does not offer a collection property indicating the docked stencils in a particular window.  The only way to discover the non-open stencils is to call the DockedStencils function which is a little inconvenient.  Visio_Controller provides GetDockedStencilList to retrieve a TStringList of names of docked stencils.

Master Open/Close Support:  If your app needs to edit Master Shapes, then you need to know about the Master.Open and Close functions. If you have a reference to a particular Master's child shape, or Cell of a Master Shape, then it can be inconvenient to figure out how to get the analogous shape of cell from the temporary master clone that master.Open returns.  Visio_Controller offers FindShapeTemp and FindCellTemp to ease this task.

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