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XLChartMatic Part 6: Miscellaneous Notes
Article created: 2005-03-04


This page miscellaneous notes on issues encountered with XLChartMatic:

Gotcha with Curved Dashed Lines

In some cases, curved lines using a dashed line style may appear fine on screen, but appear continuous when printed (on paper or PDF). This seems to occur particularly with polynomial trendlines, but may occur with some graph types that use smoothed lines.

The problem is that when rendered at high resolution, Excel calculates the curve using more and smaller line-segments. These line are drawn using the selected dashed line style, but are shorter than one dash, giving the appearance of a continuous line.

A workaround for this problem is, for example, to copy the chart from Excel and paste it into Word. That way, the curve calculation is done at screen resolution, and once converted to EMF form (when pasted into Word) the arrangement of dashed line style and line segments is locked in.

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