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Business and Information Technology Components Overview
Article created: 98-07-17

In fall 1996 I coordinated an effort to create an overview of the state of information technology at SDSU.  In order to organize thinking on the matter, the report was introduced by the model below (and an accompanying expansion).

Information Systems (IS) in the Context of Information Technology (IT)

This page introduces the distinction between Information Systems (IS) and the larger topic of Information Technology (IT) in general. In this view, information systems form just one component (albeit a large one) that relies upon an overall environment in which several other information technologies are in place.

Here, then, you will find a model which shows the suite of IT components organized as shown below, and then elaborated to show significant components within each layer. You can find the Information Systems component in the "IT Services and Applications" layer.

Basic Concept

The business activities and supporting information technology picture is comprised of numerous interdependent components, which for simplicity's sake may be broadly organized into four sections:

The following figure illustrates this.



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