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"Data Cube" as Framework for Understanding Decision Support
Article created: 98-07-17

The models below are ones that I drew at SDSU to communicate the role of information in supporting the decision process.

Given the basic business model:

. . . we can use this as a basis for understanding our "enterprise data" -- the data that we might bring together, aggregate and analyze for Decision Support purposes. At a coarse level, this can be conceptualized as a "data cube":

Two Types of Data

This model leads us to distinguish between two types of data:

Basis for Decision Support

Once this kind of environment is in place, it becomes eminently practical to ask Decision Support questions such as (just a few examples of interest at SDSU):

How to Establish

Much of the work to be done in harnessing (or "mining") existing Operational information systems consists of:

Also Supports Coordination of Systems and Services

An understanding of the "Dimensions" also enables better communication between systems which in turn allows the systems to support better-integrated work-processes and more seamless communication with customers.

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