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SDSU Financial Accounting System
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From this page you can reach Entity-Relationship diagrams that pertain to the "FAS/FRS" accounting system that is used throughout the California State University (CSU) system, including San Diego State University.  (Recently, several campuses have embarked on projects to replace FAS.)

It is developed by the Chancellor's Office Business Management Systems Cooperative.

From BMS description: "In the California State University System, the Financial Accounting System and the Accounts Payable System (APS) are totally integrated component of an integrated Business System (IBS), although each could be viewed as stand-alone systems in other environments. The Financial Accounting System is the central unit of the IBS project. The Account Payable system is an automated disbursement system which updates accounting information in the Financial Accounting System.   The Financial Accounting and Accounts Payable Systems provide users with many desireable accounting and reporting benefits."

Entity-Relationship Diagrams for Financial Accounting System

FAS is a VSAM/COBOL application, and consequently E-R diagrams don't apply directly. However, it is possible to map the concepts using E-R diagrams.  BMS provided COBOL and PL/SQL jobs to load the VSAM files into Oracle tables. These Oracle "extract" tables have only an approximate relationship to the models below, since they were simply copies of the VSAM tables, and not particularly normalized.

Analysis for these E-R diagrams was performed in 1997, and became the basis for the accounting data warehouse data structure and nightly processing.

Conceptual Diagrams

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